What can we expect when buying a cat from Fenriskatten?

When you contact us about buying a kitten, we like to get to know the buyer and what kind of home they can and will provide for a potential kitten. It is important to us that the cats’ new home is safe, loving and capable of giving the cat the proper care it deserves as a living being and member of the family.

Our kittens are socialized from an early age and are used to both be around kids and being handled by kids. They tend to be very confident and self reliant and take to their new homes and families within a few days. Several kittens from us has entered homes with other animals like cats, dogs and birds without any issues…although we don’t recommend the cat be left unattended with a bird without them being separated..!

If the situation permits it we prefer to have potential new owners come visit us in our home to meet the kittens and let us get a better feel of you as person and/or family.

If both parties find this to be a good match and you decide to get a kitten from us, you will get to sign a reservation contract with conditions of purchase and pay a reservation fee for the specific kitten you’re buying. Once the reservation fee is received and the documents signed no one else will be able to reserve the kitten.

When the day comes for you to pick up the kitten, you will get to sign a standard sales contract from NRR. We will provide a recent clean bill of health from a veterinarian, the kittens pedigree, and transfer the kittens’ insurance to their new owner.

The kitten will have been insured from its birth, and we require the new owners to keep the kitten insured at least until it’s 1 year old. This ensures the best possible insurance coverage for the animal.

No matter if you are an experienced cat owner or completely new to having a cat, we will always be available to answer any and all questions and concerns you might have to the best of our abilities. All formal agreements will be done in writing with as little room for interpretation as possible. We pride ourselves in being open, transparent, and professional with our buyers so that the experience with getting a new family member is as smooth and positive as possible..!

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