What kind of food should my Maine Coon get?

Maine Coon is a large cat breed and can be prone to dental issues if not fed and cared for properly. Since they are a larger breed, they also need food that has larger pieces to make sure they actually get to use their teeth properly.

If you only feed them normal-sized cat food bits, they tend to swallow the pieces whole instead of chewing. If they seldom chew their food, plaque can start to build around the base of their teeth witch, in turn, can irritate the gums and become more serious dental issues.

We recommend kitten dry food made for larger breeds with a high protein content the first year, and either give them Maine Coon specific food and mix in dental food for cats once in a while or more regularly if they eat smaller pieces of dry food normally.

Our kittens are used to dry food as their primary food source, and are given wet food as an evening snack once a day.

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