NO*Fenriskatten Caesar

NameNO*Fenriskatten Caesar
MotherNO*Fenriskatten Mystique
FatherMozart Akella Leader
PedigreePawpeds pedigree

Caesars Story

On December 17th 2021, Mystique went into labor. She started with contractions, but time went by, and after a lot of waiting and a period of powerful contractions it ended in a caesarian section. One kitten was dead, and the other started to get fatuigued, so it was good they got out when they did.

Mystique was ready to be a mom the moment she woke up, and it was a fantastic feeling to bring her home with her baby boy. We were told it had been an uncomplicated and nice caesarian section, and everything had gone very well. Mystique took good care of her baby, and he put on weight well. We decided that he would be named Caesar because of how he was born.

Four days after the caesarian section, we were back at the veterinarian for a checkup and laser treatment of the wound so it would heal faster and be less painful. Once again we were told that everything looked great, but she started to get some hard lumps in her mammary glands, so we had to help her with that to avoid inflammation.

We went back home and helped Mystique the best we could. Put on hot blankets and gently massaged the hard lumps as I had been told. Two days later, on December 23rd, I thought it was more red and her skin felt hot. So once again we visited the veterinarian.

They examined her, felt her lumps and put her on antibiotics. We also got an prescription for painkillers and anti-inflammatory that I could give her if she seemed in bad shape or it seemed as if she were in pain. This because she did not show any signs of tenderness or discomfort when she was examined.

Again, two days later, on Christmas day we ended up at the veterinarian once more. Mystique denied going out of her bed, wanted to be by her self, and didn’t take care of her self or Caesar. She also was more red at the bottom of her stomach, and I had a really bad feeling.

The veterinarian who welcomed us was fantastic, and she had seen something before that reminded her of what was going on with Mystique. She took an ultrasound of the abdomen and quickly found that it was fluids there. When she took a syringe and took a sample, it turned out to be urine. So something had happened under the skin which caused the bladder to fall out of the abdomen and lay directly under the skin – a severe hernia.

Had a long talk with the veterinarian about what to do, and decided to open up the operating wound again, to see if it was possible to sew it back together. We let Mystique fall asleep and prepared to open her up. During shaving and the preparation it became more and more clear that things under the skin was bad. Her stomach was red, yellow, blue and purple. In some places the skin was so thin, it began to liquid due to the shaving.

When we saw this we agreed that the best thing to do was to let her go. It was absolutely terrible! I also agreed that the veterinarian should still be allowed to open the operating wound to see how it looked. It turned out to be one of the worst things she had seen. The abdomen had an 3×6 cm opening, and she didn’t find any sings or rests from the original suture. The mesentery which holds the intestines in the abdomen had grown into the operating wound and the skin, and things weren’t where it was supposed to. It was definitely the right decision to let her go.

This is the reason for us to keep Caesar at home. We bottlefed him from the age of 7 days old, and went through a lot. When the time came for him to look for a new home we just couldn’t let him go. So Caesar lives with us as our “little” baby boy, and will do so for the rest of his life <3