We travel to shows regularily, both in Norway and in Sweden. Here we will post our cats results.

BURAK September 23-24th 2023

We participated at BURAKs show Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of September. And what a show! We brought NO*Fenriskatten Ginny Weasley and her father IC NO*Ejsten Maximus JW. We are so extremely happy and proud of our cats.



IC NO*Ejsten Maximus JWEx1, Cert, BIV, DVM
NO*Fenriskatten Ginny WeasleyEx1, BIV, NOM, BEST IN SHOW


IC NO*Ejsten Maximus JW DVMEx1, Cert
NO*Fenriskatten Ginny WeasleyEx1, NOM, BEST IN SHOW

Sunnmørskatten September 9th 2023

We participated one day at Sunnmørskatten, Saturday 09.09.23. Finally we got the chance to bring our girl NO*Fenriskatten Ginny Weasley to a show after her injury. We brought two cats to this show and couldn’t be prouder!!

Both NO*Fenriskatten Ginny Weasley and NO*Ejsten Istid are yougsters in class 11.


NO*Fenriskatten Ginny WeasleyEx1, BIV-total, NOM (2 of 5 votes)
NO*Ejsten IstidEx1, NOM, BEST IN SHOW (3 of 5 votes)

We are so happy with our results, and to get a BIV total in group VI is really good. One of the most winning Maine Coons in Norway is in this group, and honestly, we did not think BIV was possible! Ginny got really great feedback from the judge, and we couldn’t be happier. NO*Ejsten Istid did really great at this show, and we can’t wait to see how he develops as an adult <3

Webk@tten 29.-30.07.2023

This weekend we participated both days at Webk@ttens show. This was a really eventful weekend, and we are so proud of our cats and their results. Unfortunately one of the cats we were supposed to bring to the show, NO*Fenriskatten Ginny Weasley, injured one of her paws so she had to stay home.

We are also really happy that Monica in NO*Narumskogens cattery brought two cats she has from us, NO*Fenriskatten Harry Potter and NO*Fenriskatten Lilly Potter <3

Our results:


NO* Fenriskatten StarbuckEx1, CAC, CHAMPION
NO*Fenriskatten Katniss EverdeenEx1, CAC, BIV
NO*Ejsten IstidEx1, NOM, 1 vote in panel
NO*Fenriskatten Harry PotterEx1
NO*Fenriskatten Lilly PotterEx1, BIV, NOM, BEST IN SHOW kitten
NO*Fenriskatten Cattery2nd best cattery in category 2


NO*Fenriskatten Enid SinclairEx2, Lilly Potter got Ex 1
NO*Ejsten IstidEx1
NO*Fenriskatten Harry PotterEx1
NO*Fenriskatten Lilly PotterEx1, NOM, BEST IN SHOW kitten

Smaalenene 10.06.2023

We participated one day at Smaalenene, saturday 10.06.23. We brought with us 5 kittens to this show, while a dear friend of mine also had a kitten from my cattery. We had a really nice day with good friends, and our cats took their first show really well.

Our results:

NO*Fenriskatten Ginny Weasley: Ex1, NOM and she got 1 vote in the panel.
NO*Fenriskatten Lilly Potter: Ex 1
NO*Fenriskatten Morticia Addams: EX3
NO*Fenriskatten Enid Sinclair: EX4
NO*Fenriskatten Marilyn Thornhill: EX5
Best Litter kat II: Morticia, Enid and Marilyn <3

Lilly, Morticia, Enid and Marilyn was all in the same group, and therefor competed against each other. We are really happy with the results!

Other results:

NO*Fenriskatten Harry Potter: EX1
NO*Ejsten Istid: EX1, lost NOM to our own Ginny.

SWS 2023 – Scandinavian Winner Show 2023

One of our cats, IC NO*Ejsten Maximus JW, participated in this years SWS. One of my dearest friends was so kind to take him to the show with my daughter, while I myself was on a vacation. Maximus got his cert but lost the NOM to a world winner. We are happy with our result, and in his group he was the best Maine Coon male.

NORAKs Klubbmesterskap 18.03.2023

Saturday March 18th NORAK arranged a small show for members only. A really good opportunity for new members to try show for the first time, get some tips for grooming, get feedback from an acctual judge etc.

During a year every cat who participates in FIFé-shows get points from the judges depending on their placements. At NORAKs Klubbmesterskap the best cats through the year in each category and group got their prices for 2022.

We got two prices this year, and are really proud of our cats achievements:

– Best male in Category 2: IC NO*Ejsten Maximus JW
– Second best neutered male in Category two: NO*Fenriskatten Caesar


NORAK – Solbergelva 25.-26.01.2020

We had a wonderful weekend in Solbergelva this weekend with good friends and a lot of beautiful cats.

This show was a bit special to us since this was the last show for our first breeding male, SC NO*Stormjegerens Khal Drogo. He got his Supreme Champion title on the last show we participated in, but we wanted to bring him with us one last time.

IC NO*Nordic Leon’s Fenris got EX1 and CAGCIB both days, and was NOM on sunday.

Mozart Akella Leader got EX1 on saturday, and EX 2 on sunday.

We are happy with this weekends results, and are already looking forward to the next show!