What do I need to get before a kitten arrives?

Before a cat arrives to your home you should procure a few essentials:

  • A cat scratching post – If the cat tries to scratch on furniture or anything else you don’t want it to scratch on, pick it up and put it on the scratching post. Give the cat positive feedback when it uses the scratching post. Eventually, it will prefer the scratching post to everything else.
  • A good size litter box – Clean the litter box every day. Cats like clean litterboxes, you would too.
  • Cat litter for the litter box – We use clumping sand. It’s easy to clean and hides the smell very well.
  • Metal or porcelain food and water bowls – Plastic is not recommended due to a faster buildup of bacteria
  • A few cat toys – Kittens love to play, and you will probably love to play with them as well!
  • A steel cat grooming comb – The cat should be brushed/combed a couple of times a week. You’ll keep the fur shedding around the house to a minimum, and minimize the chances of the cat getting tangles in its fur.

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